Boost Privacy Notice

Last updated

22 April 2024

This Teya Boost Privacy Notice (“Notice”) provides you with additional information to the Teya Privacy Notice (“Teya Privacy Notice”) and is specific to how Teya (“Teya”, “we” and “us”) collects, uses, discloses, transfers, stores, retains or otherwise processes your information when you sign up for and use the Teya service of Listings and Reviews Inbox services. The Listing services offer the ability to display and update your information across an array of platforms and the Reviews Inbox services entail the collection and display of your reviews published across different platforms (collectively, “Services”).  

For the avoidance of doubt, the Teya Privacy Notice shall be read together with this Notice. Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalised terms have the same meaning as in the Teya Privacy Notice. To the extent that there is a conflict between this Privacy Notice and the Teya Privacy Notice, this Notice will prevail.  

1. The data we collect about you 

In addition to the information within in the Teya Privacy Notice, to provide the Services, we may collect:  

“Reviews Data” includes your interactions with reviews that we may process during the provision of the service.

“Analytics Data” includes analytics around your business reviews (including but not limited to user data, reply rate, average rating of your location etc.) and also platform usage analytics, such as usage data, troubleshooting and interaction with accounts. 

“Miscellaneous information” includes information that you provide for the Teya Boost features, such as: opening times, dashboard usernames, contact details, key words, pictures of the premises, etc. 

2. Purposes for which we will use your personal data 

In addition to information provided in the Teya Privacy Notice, we process your personal data to provide you with the Services outlined above. 

 3. Disclosures of your personal data 

In addition to the information provided in the Teya Privacy Notice, we may share the personal information described in section 1 for the purposes set out in section 3 with the following service providers and third parties: 

Third parties we connect our APIs with to provide our Services, for example, Google, Facebook, Uber and TripAdvisor.  Third parties that help us create analytics on our platform such as Hotjar, Google analytics etc. Third parties to provide you with our Services, as well as additional features and services, such as Uberall, True/AWS. 

For the avoidance of doubt, we do not control third party platforms which act as separate data controllers and are not responsible for their privacy statements.