Rules for posting online cancellations and returns terms

Last updated

22 April 2024

I. Card schemes - Rules on cancellation policies

MasterCard, Visa and American Express have clear rules on the online presentation of cancellation policies. According to their rules, a seller must present its cancellation policy to the credit card holder at the time of booking. A reference to cancellation that can be accessed by opening a new window or in a scroll down list is not sufficient.  

The conditions for cancellation must be visible in the booking window where the credit card holder must tick a box indicating that he or she has read and accepted the cancellation policy. It is also required that the cancellation policy will be sent to the cardholder along with the confirmation of the booking .  

Finally, Teya would like to reiterate that a refund of prepaid accommodation or purchase may only be made to the credit card used for the original payment. Other forms of refunds are not permitted. These Card Scheme rules may vary from time to time.  

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