Storyous Terms

Last updated

22 April 2024

So, you’re ready to start using our very own ePOS solution! We’re glad to have you here.  

The terms and conditions set out here (“Storyous Terms”) govern your use of the Teya electronic point of sale system services operated by Teya(“Storyous Services”). When you use the Storyous Services, you also agree to the Teya General Terms and Data Processing Addendum, including any amendments made to those from time to time.  

Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalised terms have the same meaning as in the Teya General Terms. To the extent that there is a conflict between these Storyous Terms and the Teya General Terms, these Storyous Terms will prevail.   

You may not access or use the Storyous Services unless you agree to the entirety of these Storyous Terms.  

For information about how we treat your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.

1. Definitions 

Teya: means Teya Solutions Ltd. (company number: 13886878), registered at Third Floor, 20 Old Bailey, London, United Kingdom, EC4M 7AN.

Teya Acquiring Customer: payment processing services provided by Teya Iceland hf.

Fees: means all the fees applicable to the Storyous Services payable by you. The Fees (incorporated into these Storyous Terms by reference) are as set out on our website or as we may have otherwise agreed with you (for example, by email sent to your registered email address, and the Fees and other payment terms so stated are hereby incorporated into this agreement by this reference).

2. Storyous Services 

We agree to provide you with the Storyous Services under these Storyous Terms and within the agreed scope.  

Storyous Services consist of a cloud-based point-of-sale platform which provides a holistic solution for businesses of any size. This includes the automation of front and back of house operations and features such as stock management, real-time report generation, and table customisation. Storyous Services can only be used on Teya Hardware.

You acknowledge that Teya is in no way responsible for the accuracy of the data in the Storyous Services entered by you or third parties. In this context, Teya only provides you with a technical solution designed to be an indicative tool for tracking sales and not an accounting system recording your sales. Teya assumes no liability for incorrect submissions of information into the Storyous Services. 

3. Your Obligations

You agree:  

a) to perform regular updates to the Storyous Services as made available by us, which may include new system features or rectifications of any errors in the Storyous Services;  

b) to provide us with all necessary assistance to start up, install and train your employees in the use of the Storyous Services in a proper and timely manner (otherwise, we shall be entitled to charge you an additional fee for training and installation);  

c) to keep all required data in the Storyous Services true, complete, and accurate;  

d) to inform us without delay in writing (e.g. by e-mail) or by telephone of all changes and other circumstances affecting the performance of your obligations under these Storyous Terms, including any system or equipment failures, etc;  

e) to ensure the confidentiality of all identification data and passwords necessary for your login and access to the Storyous Services, in particular not to disclose such identification data and passwords to any third party;  

f) to notify us immediately if you discover misuse of your identification data and passwords by any third party;  

g) not to work around any of the technical limitations implemented in Storyous Services or enable any functionality that is disabled or prohibited; and 

h) not to perform or attempt to perform any actions that would interfere with the normal operation of the Storyous Services or impact the use of the Storyous Services by other users.  

4. Fees

If you are a Teya Acquiring Customer, you will be charged in accordance with the Teya Payment Services Terms.
If you are not a Teya Acquiring Customer, you will be charged in accordance with the billing arrangements we have agreed with you (for example, by email sent to your registered email address, and the billing arrangements so stated are hereby incorporated into this agreement by this reference).

5. Amendments

We reserve the right to:   

(a) amend these Storyous Terms and the Teya General Terms (including the Fees); and  

(b) change, discontinue, or impose conditions on use of the Storyous Services, at any time by way of a Notice that we deem to be reasonable (except where a specified notice period is required by law, in which case we will abide by the applicable law and where the law requires only a reasonable period of time, such reasonable period shall be 7 days).  

A revised version may be posted on Teya’s website or communicated to you through the Services. Where the law requires the determination of reasons for the Amendment, such reasons may be change in pricing policy, change in business strategy, change in economic situation, change in legislation, change in business cooperation, product changes.   

An Amendment will come into effect on the date we specify in the Notice, and your use of the Services after an Amendment has taken effect, constitutes your acceptance of the terms of the modified Teya General Terms, Additional Terms or Fees as applicable. You have the right to reject the Amendment and terminate these Storyous Terms and the Teya General Terms for that reason on the effective date of the Amendment in the manner set forth set out in the Teya General Terms.  

6. General Provisions

For the avoidance of doubt, provisions around general terms not covered in these Storyous Terms, including but not limited to restrictions and unauthorised or illegal use, your obligations, term and termination, intellectual property, amendments, assignment, data, taxes, indemnification, warranties, governing law, severability, force majeure, and disputes, shall be governed by the Teya General Terms.