Terminal Terms

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22 April 2024

Welcome to Teya terminals!

At Teya, we specialise in offering an extensive range of innovative and secure payment terminal solutions and services to merchants across various industries. Our mission is to empower businesses with seamless, reliable, and efficient payment processing capabilities, fostering growth and enhancing customer experiences.

The terms and conditions set out here (“Terminal Terms”) govern your use of Teya’s terminals, a type of Teya Hardware and a device which is used to accept payments and process transactions, including any accessories (“Teya Terminal”).

When you use a Teya Terminal, you also agree to the Teya General Terms and the Data Processing Addendum, which are incorporated into these Terminal Terms by reference, including any amendments made from time to time. If you do not understand any provisions of these Terminal Terms, please contact us before using a Teya Terminal.

Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalised terms have the same meaning as in the Teya General Terms. To the extent that there is a conflict between these Terminals Terms and the terms referenced above, these Terminal Terms will prevail.

For information about how we treat your information, please see our Privacy Policy.

1. Definitions 

Throughout these Terminal Terms, the following terms will have the meaning set out below, unless the context otherwise requires.

Excluded Reasons: means circumstances in which a Teya Terminal malfunction requires its replacement due to causes such as (but not limited to):

(a) opening, altering, repairing, or modifying the Teya Terminal by you or any third party;

(b) using the Teya Terminal with improper consumables, accessories, or devices;

(c) mishandling the Teya Terminal;

(d) damage to the Teya Terminal caused by external factors, including but not limited to water, power surges, and temperature;

(e) using the Teya Terminal in contravention of our instructions and guidelines; or

(f) issues that could have been resolved or prevented by updating or enabling Teya Terminal Software Updates in accordance with these Terminal Terms.

Fees: means all fees applicable to the Teya Terminal that you are responsible for paying. The Fees are outlined on our website or as otherwise agreed upon with you (both of which are incorporated into these Terminal Terms by reference);

EPOS Hardware: means electronic point of sale systems, such as tablets, cash registers, and tills, compatible with the Teya Terminal and supported by us;

EPOS Integration Software: means software, either supplied by us or a third party, required for connecting to EPOS Hardware, including tablets, cash registers and tills;

EPOS Software Update: means updates, including patches, workarounds, enhancements, corrections, modifications, or derivatives, made generally available by us to the EPOS Integration Software and automatically installed by us;

Software Update: means collectively to Teya Terminal Software Updates and EPOS Software Updates;

SIM Card: means a SIM card provided by us for use with a mobile Teya Terminal;

Teya: means Teya Solutions Ltd. (company number: 13886878), registered at Third Floor, 20 Old Bailey, London, United Kingdom, EC4M 7AN.

Teya Terminal Software: means the software we install on the Teya Terminal, enabling it to accept and process Transactions and connect to Teya's payment services; and

Teya Terminal Software Updates: mean periodic updates, including patches, workarounds, enhancements, corrections, modifications, or derivatives, made generally available by us to the Teya Terminal Software and automatically installed by us.

2. The Terminal Terms

These Terminal Terms outline the provisions of our services concerning the Teya Terminal and explain your responsibilities when utilising the Teya Terminal. Our support entails customer assistance for addressing any issues that may arise with your use of the Teya Terminal, the Teya Terminal replacement service and software support.

3. Our services

At the core of our operations lies exceptional customer service. As such, we are committed to providing support for your use of the Teya Terminal.

3.1 Our support for your Teya Terminal usage encompasses:

(a) Teya Terminal setup, including Teya Terminal Software configuration;

(b) SIM Card provision for establishing and maintaining a stable internet network connection, subject to reasonable network limitations;

(c) Software Updates, in accordance with Section 5; and

(d) Customer support related to your Teya Terminal usage.

3.2 Despite our ability to assist you with your Teya Terminal as detailed above, you remain responsible for providing direct customer support to your own Customers.

3.3 We  offer a complimentary replacement service if your Teya Terminal is found to be faulty or malfunctions due to (including but not limited to):

(a) A defect in the Teya Terminal that results in the inability to process transactions; or

(b) Any other cause, excluding Excluded Reasons.

3.4 Where Clause 3.3 (a) or 3.3 (b) applies, you must promptly notify us upon discovering the fault or malfunction. We will then, as reasonably possible and without undue delay, supply you with another Teya Terminal, which will either be i) the same type of Teya Terminal used prior to the issue, or ii) a Teya Terminal with equivalent functionality. If the fault or malfunction is reported to us before 3 pm on a Business Day, the estimated delivery time for a replacement Teya Terminal is one (1) Business Day. If reported after 3 pm, the estimated delivery time is two (2) Business Days. Please note that the delivery timeframes specified in this section are only estimates and not guaranteed, as unforeseen circumstances may impact delivery times.

3.5 We reserve the right to charge you for specific costs associated with a replacement Teya Terminal when Excluded Reasons are applicable. Such costs may include expenses related to visiting your premises, inspecting the Teya Terminal, and performing repairs.

3.6 The costs incurred in relation to the above Clause 3.5 will not exceed the total value of the Teya Terminal.

4. EPOS Integration

We will assist you in connecting the Teya Terminal to your EPOS Hardware, provided that such EPOS Hardware is supported by us. To inquire about our EPOS Hardware compatibility, please contact us. Our support includes, but is not limited to, user documentation and technical assistance via our customer support page.

5. Software Updates

5.1 We will periodically make Software Updates available for all supported Teya Terminals and EPOS Hardware.

5.2 Whenever possible, we will provide you with a Notice on Software Updates, detailing new features and functionalities. If it is necessary for you to implement the Software Update, we will supply you with the appropriate instructions.

5.3 We will remotely and automatically install Software Updates on the Teya Terminal, unless otherwise agreed upon. To ensure successful Software Updates, you must maintain an active internet connection on your Teya Terminal and verify the successful installation of the Software Update before accepting payments.

5.4 We reserve the right to decide whether or not to produce Software Updates and may develop the functionalities of the Teya Terminal Software and EPOS Integration Software as we see fit, without prior notice to you, as long as such developments do not a) impair the Teya Terminal Software or EPOS Integration Software, or the EPOS Hardware; or b) result in data loss or loss of functionalities, in which case we will issue a Notice informing you of the available Software Updates.

5.5 You are responsible for the installation, integration, and maintenance of the Teya Terminal, including updating the Teya Terminal Software and the EPOS Integration Software (if applicable), as required by us. We are not obligated to provide services or support for any Teya Terminal running an outdated version of the Teya Terminal Software.

5.6 Failure to perform Software Updates may put you in breach of these Teya Terms, the Teya General Terms or the Network Rules.

5.7 You must not independently or with the help of a third party attempt to update the Teya Terminal Software. Any defects or failures in the Teya Terminal Software resulting from your intervention or that of a third party on the Teya Terminal Software will be your sole responsibility.

5.8 We will not be liable for any losses or damages arising from or related to your continued use of the Teya Terminal if the Teya Terminal Software or the EPOS Integration Software has not been updated in a timely manner.

6. Fees

You will be required to pay the Fees on a monthly basis, with payments due in advance at the beginning of each calendar month. Typically, the Fees associated with your use of a Teya Terminal will be collected through your Settlement, as further detailed in the Teya General Terms. However, we reserve the right to alter billing methods at our sole discretion and at any time.

7. General

For the avoidance of doubt, provisions around general terms not covered in these Teya Terminal Terms, including but not limited to term and termination, restrictions and unauthorised or illegal use, intellectual property, data, amendments, indemnification, limitation of liability, warranties, severability, force majeure, and disputes, shall be governed by the Teya General Terms.

Promotional Offer Terms

This section provides the unique terms supplementing our standard terms of service. Please note that the terms noted below associated with specific Teya promotions may be varied from time to time as further set out in our Teya General Terms.

The details of these promotions or offers, and their specific terms, will be outlined in the sections below as and when they become available. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with these additional terms, as your participation in any such promotion or offer indicates your acceptance of these terms.

Teya Pay Once Option

If you choose to opt-in for Teya's Pay Once Option, please note the following terms:

(a) you agree to pay the specific Teya Pay Once Option fee as communicated by us to you;

(a) upon payment of the Teya Pay Once Option fee, we will provide you with a complimentary single Teya Terminal for a three-year term, commencing from the date indicated in your onboarding email or from the date the Teya Terminal is delivered to you, whichever occurs first;

(b) we will provide standard support and maintenance services regarding your complimentary Teya Terminal for any routine technical issues, excluding Excluded Reasons;

(d) after three years, Teya reserves the right to discontinue support for the provided Teya Terminal, subject to our discretion; and

(e) the Teya Pay Once Option fee is non-refundable.

The payment of the Teya Pay Once Option fee and the provision of the Teya Terminal to you under this option do not constitute a transfer of ownership or title from Teya to you. The Teya Terminal remains the property of Teya at all times, unless expressly stated otherwise.

In the event of termination of these Terminals Terms for any reason, you are required to return the Teya Terminal to us in good working condition, normal wear and tear excepted, within seven (7) Business Days of termination. Failure to return the Teya Terminal within this period may result in additional charges, up to and including the full cost of the Teya Terminal, as determined by Teya

Teya Annual Plan

When you choose to participate in Teya's Annual Plan, please note the following conditions, which you will be deemed to have accepted upon using your Teya Terminal. Teya’s Annual Plan terms are incorporated into the Terminal Terms and are in addition to any existing terms related to the Services you utilise.  

It's important to understand that the provisions of Teya’s Annual Plan are distinct. In the event of any discrepancies between these terms, the Teya General Terms, or the Payment Terms, the stipulations of Teya’s Annual Plan will take precedence.   

By opting for Teya’s Annual Plan, you are agreeing to the following:  

(a) you cannot terminate the Terminal Terms for twelve (12) months from the date you agree to Teya’s Annual Plan terms (“MembershipTerm”), after which, the Terminal Terms will continue indefinitely. Further, following the expiry of the Membership Term the arrangement under Teya’s Annual Plan will terminate and the remaining provisions under the Terminal Terms will stay in force as amended by Teya from time to time;   

(b) within fourteen (14) calendar days after opting for Teya’s Annual Plan, you may terminate the Terminal Terms, including your participation in the Teya Annual Plan, without incurring any penalties;  

(c) if you terminate the Terminal Terms before the end of the Annual Plan, you will incur a penalty equal to £40 for each remaining month in the Membership Term. For instance, if you terminate with two (2) months left in the Membership Term, you will be charged a total penalty of £80; and

(d) despite the previous conditions, during the Membership Term, you are entitled to terminate the Terminal Terms without penalties if we materially breach the Terminal Terms and fail to remedy the breach within fourteen (14) days of your notification of the breach to us.  

The Teya Terminal services under the Teya Annual Plan Option are provided by Retail Merchant Services Limited (company no: 06079692), registered at Third Floor, 20 Old Bailey, London, United Kingdom, EC4M 7AN. Billing and invoicing tasks will be carried out by Teya Solutions Limited.